Airplane Window

Airplane1. Subscribe to a travel magazine.
Budget Travel. National Geographic Traveler. Condé Nast Traveller. Or even a city magazine like New York Magazine or Time Out Chicago. Pick your poison and drool upon arrival.

2. Join twitter and follow fellow travel tweeps.
There’s a whole crew of travel nerds on twitter and every Thursday afternoon they gather for Travelers Night In. It’s a tweet-up led by the Zip Set Go girls from 3:30 to 5:00 PM ET. Read more on Travelers Night In here.

3. Browse photos of your recent travels.
You spent all that time creating facebook albums and writing captions and tagging people. Take a moment to revel in the glory and ooh and ahh over your creation. (PS Find travelpology on facebook)

4. Save money for your next trip.
Open a separate savings account and start thinking like this: “Instead of buying that shirt, I could put $50 towards my trip.” You won’t be depressed about not buying the shirt, you’ll get excited for your trip.

5. Check out a travel book from the library.
Something a little crazy and overwhelming. Try 1000 Places to See Before You Die, Lonely Planet’s 1000 Ultimate Experiences, No Reservations: Around the World on an Empty Stomach, or The Travel Book: A Journey Through Every Country in the World.

6. Try something new in your current city.
Part of the travel bug is the addiction to trying new things. There’s got to be a new restaurant, a signature dish, or a kind of food that you’ve never tried. Or a hiking trail, a rock climbing wall, or a ballroom dancing class. Or a tourist attraction or museum that you’ve never taken the time to see.

7. Rent a travel movie.
Enjoy the beauty of travel without a budget. Everyone and their mother has written an article on the best travel movies. Popular ones include Lost in Translation, Amélie, Under the Tuscan Sun, Slumdog Millionaire, Sideways, The Motorcycle Diaries, and Roman Holiday. Oh, you’re talking time travel? Well then…Hot Tub Time Machine, Back to the Future…

8. Blog about your travels.
Starting a blog is easier than ever with tumblr and Posterous. If you’re too lazy to blog, try reading travel blogs, like the good old travel blog that you’re reading right now (subscribe to the RSS feed above). Leave comments, too. Bloggers love that sh#t.

9. Learn a new language.
Whether it’s just for fun or for an upcoming trip, now is more perfect than ever to take up a language class. If you can’t commit to a class or don’t want to fork over the cash, pick up a language CD from the library. Hours of fun.

10. DVR travel TV.
The Travel Channel is there for a reason, my friends. My favorite shows to DVR include No Reservations and Samantha Brown’s new Asia series. You can usually find some classic Rick Steves on PBS along with other travel shows featuring outdated wardrobes. Pure entertainment.


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  • Thanks for the Travelers’ Night In mention – ZipSetGo would love to invite all of your follwers to participate TODAY at 3:30 EST! It will be the best 90 of their week GTD! It’s a simple process: #TNI hosts tweet out one question every 10 minutes for the 90 minutes of the event. Participants respond with answers, questions, tips, etc. Each tweet should include “#TNI”, so it’s easy for followers to track. Get ready for a lively, dyanamic and interactive chat with our vast twitter group of followers!
    See you tonight – Theme is WATER WORLD

  • I love the “save money” idea — I keep reminding myself of how much more I’ll have to go on the cruise I plan on taking this winter, with every time I don’t eat out. That’s a great tip.

  • I’m guilty of everything on your list…including leaving you this lame ass comment :)

  • Haha…I do all of these! I’m just always looking forward to and planning the next trip – gets me through the days and months that traveling to a new, exciting place isn’t in my immediate future.

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